Tara Ramanathan




United States


Social enterprise



Tara brings over 12 years of experience working on social impact issues including climate change, poverty alleviation and financial inclusion. She was Program Director at Nexleaf Analytics, where she designed and developed a project tackling energy poverty and spent time living in rural villages in Odisha, India to enable local NGOs to scale clean cooking technologies across the state.

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Posted by: on July 18, 2018

Want people to take action on climate change? It needs to be as easy as using Tinder.

On July 15, 2018 I got a very clearly laid out email suggesting two actions I can take to #movethedate for climate change. Move the Date is essentially a campaign to get humanity to take action on climate change before August 1 2018, which is Earth Overshoot Day (marks the day when we have used […]

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Posted by: on March 26, 2018

Want to make an impact? Learn how to be kind to yourself

I am sure most of you have had that moment where your attempt at a good intention failed. Maybe you bought a gift for someone that they were disappointed with. Or you told someone “you look great today” and they responded “are you saying I don’t look good every day?” Or in the case of […]

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