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Posted by: on October 13, 2014

Baseball, The Three Stooges, Romance

When Derek Jeter, one of the greatest baseball players in history, singled in the winning run in his last game ever at Yankee Stadium (try watching this without getting the shivers), sports broadcaster Michael Kay had the perfect words for the storybook finish: “…Where fantasy becomes reality.” The University of Oxford is known everywhere. It’s […]

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Posted by: on October 10, 2014

I wanted a programme that built great leaders

If you are reading this blog, it is likely that you are considering an MBA programme in a world class university in the near future. Like you, I had always wanted an MBA as a terminating degree for two reasons. First, I wanted global exposure across many sectors in quick time. Second, I wanted a […]

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Posted by: on October 10, 2014

MBA Preparations

No doubt like every other pre-arrival Saïd Business School student, I spent my summer filling out financial declarations, pouring over college accommodation floorplans, tweaking my CV, and dusting off (with the intention of opening, but never quite getting around to doing so, at least not yet) my old finance textbooks. In fact, seeing as I am coming from […]

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Posted by: on October 9, 2014

All Roads Lead to Platform 9¾

If you asked me five years ago where I thought I’d be this moment, I can bet the common room of Said Business School at the University of Oxford was rather low on that list – likely falling somewhere between the Fiji islands and my parents’ basement. It’s not that I didn’t think highly of […]

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